Karlsson Little Big Time Aluminum Wall Clock


Iconic of Karlsson's passion for design, the Little Big Time Mini Wall Clock is just about as minimalist as you can get when it comes to clocks.

We love Karlsson. They really do like to lead the pack when it comes to the conception of clocks. The Little Big Time is probably one of its most memorable designs. It's not just a clock it's a work of art, ready to hang on your wall and impress your friends.

There are no numbers, just three visible components - a round, central housing for the mechanism and two aluminium hands. The hour hand is 33cm long and the minute hand 45cm from the centre piece, which is a combined depth of 4cm. You'll need an area of at least 90cm width and height to accommodate the clock's full diameter and it requires one AA battery.

-  90cm diameter minimalist wall clock 

-  Hour hand 33cm, minute hand 45cm from centre of clock
-  Round, central mechanism case 10.5cm diameter
-  4cm total depth
-  Aluminium construction
-  No numerals 
-  Single colour
-  Takes one AA battery - not included


Height:  90cm min required space
Width:  90cm min required space
Depth:  4cm in total
Materials:  Aluminium

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