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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything | Extended Xmas Returns


A wide range of clocks, to meet every need from traditional carriage clocks to modern feature wall clocks
  • Karlsson Gummy Alarm Clock

    from £26.40

    The ‘Gummy’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a design classic with a subtle retro theme that readily blends with a variety of interior styles. Covered ...

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  • Karlsson Globe Alarm Clock with Silent Movement


    The Globe alarm clock from Karlsson is a beautifully styled time piece designed by Armando Breeveld. Set upon a golden circular base to match the h...

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  • Acctim Elsie Silent Movement Alarm Clock

    from £13.70

    The Acctim ‘Elsie’ is a delightful alarm clock packed full of features that make it a joy to use. The clear Arabic font combined with luminous tipp...

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  • Karlsson Charm 30cm Wall Clock

    from £34.95

    The ‘Charm’ Wall Clock from Karlsson is an elegant clock with simple classic lines, a clock equally at home in the home or in the office.  A beauti...

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  • Wm.Widdop Floral Alarm Clock

    from £12.99

    Widdop bring you this charming retro style alarm clock with a delightful floral surround that will add a decorative splash of colour to your bedsid...

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  • Karlsson Dragonfly Glass Dome 40cm Wall Clock

    from £34.92

    The Karlsson Dragonfly wall clock has beautiful smooth lines, a fine choice of graphic font and a domed glass cover to create a striking looking ti...

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  • Karlsson Lofty Metal Alarm Clock

    from £17.03

    The Lofty alarm clock from the world-renowned clock brand Karlsson with its matte finish metal case is a sleek addition to your bedside table. Desi...

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  • Acctim Alta Alarm Clock

    from £16.25

    The Acctim ‘Alta’ is a beautiful nostalgic feel alarm clock with a modern display. The detailed display with time, day, date and indoor temperature...

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  • Karlsson Tinge Alarm Clock

    from £13.82

    The ‘Tinge’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a modern design statement by your bed by the designer Armando Breeveld, the simple lines and attention to ...

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  • Karlsson Index Metal Silent Alarm Clock


    An elegant silent alarm clock designed by Boxtel & Buijs with a minimalist feel, the beautiful teardrop-shaped hands sit on the self-coloured f...

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  • Karlsson Open Back Flip Clock

    from £80.36

    The Flip Clock No Case from Karlsson has been designed by BOX32 Design and consists of rotating plastic cards that flip to change the time. Its ret...

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  • Karlsson Vintage Glass 3D Numbers Square & Round 35cm Wall Clock

    from £31.89

    These stylish vintage glass wall clocks are bold and simple in design making an eyecatching wall clock. - Hour Numbers on Dial- Round Glass Dial- ...

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  • Acctim Stella 43cm Wall Clock

    from £31.83

    The Acctim ‘Stella’ is a retro-style spoked wall clock with a beautiful domed glass face and an accurate quartz movement. A lovely focal point in y...

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  • Acctim Isky & Lulea Cuckoo 60cm Wall Clock

    from £99.95

    Combining traditional features with contemporary design, the Acctim Isky and Lulea are modern chalet-style cuckoo clocks that will make a striking ...

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  • Wm.Widdop Walnut Wood Arched Mantel Clock


    Widdop Napoleon style mantel clock with Arabic dial -  Classic Napoleon style mantel clock -  White clock face with Arabic dial -  Black numbers ...

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  • Karlsson Minimal Face Copper Surround 10cm Silent Alarm Clock

    from £12.46

    These stunning modern alarm clocks are finished with a copper surrond and a choice of face colours. Featuring a silent movement and a copper second...

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  • Wm. Widdop Arched Wooden Mantel Clock


    A elegant light wood mantel clock. Roman numeral hour markers, with classic hour and minute hands. -  Light wood clock body-  Roman numeral hour ma...

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  • Karlsson On The Edge 42cm Wall Clock

    from £21.45

    A magnificent modern timepiece from Karlsson designed by BOX32 Design. The 3D numbers that narrow on the edge of the clock. a minimalist design wit...

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  • Karlsson Big Flip 43cm Square Retro Wall Clock

    from £295.56

    The Karlsson Big Flip wall clock is a real statement piece with a strong retro design theme that makes a great focal point for the office or kitche...

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  • Karlsson Charm Steel With Battons 45cm Wall Clock

    from £42.87

    Karlsson’s charm wall clock features beautiful metal detailing against a minimalist face - 45m wall clock - Karlsson world-renowned, high quality, ...

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  • Karlsson Mini Flip 24.5cm Square Retro Wall Clock

    from £166.53

    Retro flip wall clock from Karlsson, large easy to read year, date, day and time. At 24.5cm Square and 10cm deep it makes a real statement. Equally...

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  • Karlsson Sensu Steel 40cm Wall Clock

    from £31.88

    Karlsson’s Sensu steel wall clock has a 40cm diameter.  The 3d ripple effect of the face bring a modern look to a retro style. -  40cm diameter clo...

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  • Karlsson Normann Brushed Steel Alarm Clock

    from £14.40

    These stunning modern Normann alarm clocks from Karlsson are finished with a steel surrond and a choice of face colours. Featuring a silent movemen...

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  • Wm.Widdop Light Wood Lantern Style Mantel Clock


    Widdop torsion pendulum mantel clock. -  Torsion pendulum mantel clock-  Cream clock face with roman dial -  Black numbers and hands-  Rotating pe...

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