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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything


A wide range of clocks, to meet every need from traditional carriage clocks to modern feature wall clocks
  • Karlsson Gummy Alarm Clock


    The ‘Gummy’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a design classic. Covered in silicone rubber for a soft tactile finish. The big bold display makes it easy...

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  • Acctim Kiera Silent Alarm Clock

    from £9.99

    The Acctim ‘Kiera’ is a classic alarm with a clear easy to read face, luminous tipped hour and minute hand for easy reading at night. The sweep sec...

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  • Karlsson Charm 30cm Wall Clock


    The ‘Charm’ Wall Clock from Karlsson is an elegant clock with simple classic lines, a clock equally at home in the home or in the office.  A beauti...

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  • Karlsson Vintage Glass 3D Numbers Square & Round 35cm Wall Clock

    from £26.77

    These stylish vintage glass wall clocks are bold and simple in design making an eyecatching wall clock. - Hour Numbers on Dial- Round Glass Dial- ...

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  • Karlsson Tinge Alarm Clock


    The ‘Tinge’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a modern design statement by your bed by the designer Armando Breeveld, the simple lines and attention to ...

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  • Karlsson Globe Alarm Clock with Silent Movement


    The alarm clock Globe from Karlsson is an elegant alarm clock on a stand, a modern design by Armando Breeveld. The silent movement means your night...

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  • Karlsson Minimal Face Copper Surround 10cm Silent Alarm Clock

    from £15.61

    These stunning modern alarm clocks are finished with a copper surrond and a choice of face colours. Featuring a silent movement and a copper second...

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  • Karlsson Lofty Metal Alarm Clock


    The ‘Lofty Metal’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a sleek addition to your bedside table. Designed by Armando Breeveld the clean lines and minimalist ...

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  • Acctim Stella 43cm Wall Clock

    from £26.30

    The Acctim ‘Stella’ is a retro-style spoked wall clock with a beautiful domed glass face and an accurate quartz movement. A lovely focal point in y...

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  • Acctim Alta Alarm Clock

    from £15.37

    The Acctim ‘Alta’ is a beautiful nostalgic feel alarm clock with a modern display. The detailed display with time, day, date and indoor temperature...

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  • Karlsson Open Back Flip Clock

    from £82.44

    Karlsson flip clock with no case designed by box 32 will add a modern touch to any room -  Can be left free standing or wall mounted-  Coloured fra...

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  • Karlsson Normann Brushed Steel Alarm Clock


    These stunning modern Normann alarm clocks from Karlsson are finished with a steel surrond and a choice of face colours. Featuring a silent movemen...

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  • Acctim Elsie Silent Movement Alarm Clock

    from £12.45

    The Acctim ‘Elsie’ is a delightful alarm clock to use, the easy read face with luminous tipped hands and a light makes it easy to read at night. Th...

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  • Karlsson Little Big Time Aluminum Wall Clock

    from £25.82

    Iconic of Karlsson's passion for design, the Little Big Time Mini Wall Clock is just about as minimalist as you can get when it comes to clocks. We...

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  • Karlsson Dragonfly Glass Dome 40cm Wall Clock

    from £34.92

    Dutch clock brand Karlsson is known around the world for its innovative design and high quality, and the Dragonfly Wall Clock is no exception. Beau...

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  • Karlsson Book Table / Shelf Clock


    Is it a book?  Is it a clock?  We are pretty certain it is a clock – but it does come well disguised.  A fantastic finishing touch to an office or ...

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  • Karlsson Sole 25cm Wall Clock


    The Sole wall clock from Karlsson is of a minimalist design, the simple elegance makes it a lovely addition to your home, choose between Sole Numbe...

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  • Karlsson 50cm Sunburst Crystal Wall Clock

    from £56.63

    Add a touch of sparkle to any room with the 50cm sunburst wall clock from Karlsson Size - Diameter 50cm - Depth 5.5cm

  • Wm.Widdop White Dial Carriage Clock


    A gold coloured finished carriage clock. Roman numeral face with stylish hands. Quartz Movement. -  Gold coloured clock body-  Roman numeral hour m...

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  • Karlsson Mr. White 51cm Wall Clock

    from £92.99

    A true minimalist beauty, this contemporary timepiece from Karlsson is bang on trend and would make a wonderful focal point in your home. Impressiv...

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  • Karlsson Sensu Steel 40cm Wall Clock

    from £30.95

    Karlsson’s Sensu steel wall clock has a 40cm diameter.  The 3d ripple effect of the face bring a modern look to a retro style. -  40cm diameter clo...

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  • Karlsson Dura Korean Wood Wall Clock

    from £33.00

    The wall clock Dura from Karlsson is made from beautiful korean wood, a simple clock with no frame, delicate cut out hour and minute hands finish t...

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  • Karlsson Minimal Copper Or Gold Case Silent 27.5cm Wall Clock

    from £38.08

    -  Copper case-  Black face-  White hour and minute hands-  Copper second hand -  White minute and hour markers -  Sweep movement -  Takes one AA b...

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  • Karlsson Square Wood Veneer Alarm Clock


    We are absolutely loving this fab wood veneer alarm clock range from Karlsson. Meet the 'Square' with its smooth surfaces, minimalist appearance an...

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