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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything | Extended Christmas Returns


A wide range of clocks, to meet every need from traditional carriage clocks to modern feature wall clocks
  • Wm. Widdop Arched Wooden Mantel Clock


    A elegant light wood mantel clock. Roman numeral hour markers, with classic hour and minute hands. -  Light wood clock body-  Roman numeral hour ma...

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  • Karlsson Mr. White 51cm Wall Clock

    from £80.49

    A true minimalist beauty, this contemporary timepiece from Karlsson is bang on trend and would make a wonderful focal point in your home. Impressiv...

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  • Wm.Widdop Walnut Wood Arched Mantel Clock


    Widdop Napoleon style mantel clock with Arabic dial -  Classic Napoleon style mantel clock -  White clock face with Arabic dial -  Black numbers ...

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  • WM. Widdop Double Real Bell Alarm Clock

    from £12.30

    If you have trouble waking up in the morning this fabulous nod to nostalgia from WM. Widdop is the answer, the hammer action hitting the two bells ...

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  • Wm.Widdop Light Wood Lantern Style Mantel Clock


    Widdop torsion pendulum mantel clock. -  Torsion pendulum mantel clock -  Cream clock face with roman dial -  Black numbers and hands -  Rotating...

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  • Karlsson Meek 50cm Silent Wall Clock

    from £53.83

    The ‘Meek’ Contemporary Wall Clock from Karlsson is an elegant addition to a wall. The simple lines and single number 12 gives this clock a smart e...

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  • Wm. Widdop Napoleon Wood Mantel Clocks

    from £33.58

    A classic & timeless design mantle, finished in a beautiful wood.-  Classis napoloen shape-  Hour markers-  Felt pad feetSpecification Dark Glo...

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  • Karlsson Square Wood Veneer Alarm Clock

    from £32.34

    We are absolutely loving this fab wood veneer alarm clock range from Karlsson. Meet the 'Square' with its smooth surfaces, minimalist appearance an...

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  • Karlsson Minimal Copper Or Gold Case Silent 27.5cm Wall Clock

    from £40.53

    -  Copper case-  Black face-  White hour and minute hands-  Copper second hand -  White minute and hour markers -  Sweep movement -  Takes one AA b...

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  • Karlsson Boxed Flip XL Wall / Table Clock

    from £99.95

    The ‘Flip Clock Boxed’ Table Clock from Karlsson is a real eyecatcher on a shelf, bookcase or mantlepiece. These can also be hung on the wall. The ...

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  • Karlsson 50cm Sunburst Crystal Wall Clock

    from £55.69

    Add a touch of sparkle to any room with the 50cm sunburst wall clock from Karlsson Size - Diameter 50cm - Depth 5.5cm

  • Karlsson Mr. White 37.5cm Wall Clock

    from £41.37

    These Mr. White clocks from karlsson are a true modern classic, the simple face is highlighted with a beautiful surrond - Wooden clock case- White ...

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  • Karlsson Pendulum Charm Steel Wall Clock

    from £51.89

    The ‘Pendulum Charm’ Wall Clock from Karlsson is a stunning modern take on the traditional pendulum wall clock. The oval case inset with the minima...

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  • Acctim Gainsborough Mantel Carriage Clock

    from £44.93

    The Acctim ‘Gainsborough’ traditional carriage clock. The carriage clock never goes out of fashion, a lovely nod to nostalgia with the modern ease ...

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  • Karlsson Globe Wall Clock with Silent Movement

    from £50.84

    The wall clock Globe from Karlsson is an elegant 40cm wall clock, a modern design by Armando Breeveld. The silent movement means you can place in a...

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  • Karlsson Little Big Time Standard and Mini Wall Clock

    from £14.28

    Simplicity at its best. These Little Big Time Sharp’s from Karlsson designed by Boxtel & Buijs are a lovely addition to your wall, go big with ...

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  • Karlsson Mini Flip 24.5cm Square Retro Wall Clock

    from £139.54

    Retro flip wall clock from Karlsson, large easy to read year, date, day and time. At 24.5cm Square and 10cm deep it makes a real statement. Equally...

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  • Karlsson Peony Steel 45cm Wall Clock

    from £43.12

    The Medium ‘Peony’ Identity Wall Clock from Karlsson is a striking focal point for a wall or chimney breast.  Whether you see a blossoming flower o...

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  • Umbra Ribbon 30cm Wall Clock

    from £25.76

    The ‘Ribbon Wall Clock’ from Umbra is a silent sweep bent metal wall clock designed by Michelle Ivankovic. Made from high-quality steel with contra...

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  • Acctim Vertex Weatherstation & Alarm Clock

    from £11.17

    The Acctim ‘Vertex’ is a weather forecasting alarm clock. The digital LCD display is easy to read with a wealth of information displayed. The clean...

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  • Karlsson Petite Metal Silent 27cm Wall Clock

    from £21.48

    The Petite Metal wall clock from Karlsson is not only compact at 27cm diameter but does not have an annoying tick due to its sweep movement, making...

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  • Hometime Multi-Coloured Roman Dial 30cm Wall Clock


    Sometimes you need a dash of colour and this clock will definitely hit the spot. Vintage chic, with its distressed painted wood look, the colours a...

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  • Karlsson Tinge Brushed Steel Alarm Clock

    from £15.00

    The Brushed Steel Tinge Alarm Clock from Karlsson is an elegant bedside companion, a modern design by Armando Breeveld. The silent movement means y...

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  • Karlsson Stylish Numbers Silent Alarm Clock

    from £24.33

    A modern silent alarm clock set on an elegant stand, with its classic face and easy to set alarm will make this alarm clock a joy to use. A lovely ...

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