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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything

Table & Mantle

Table top, mantle & shelf clocks from Aspen of Hereford, free standing feature pieces in a wide range of designs & styles. From traditional wooden finishes, modern glass finished, simple and elegant to ornate and decorative. Something to grace every home.
  • Karlsson Open Back Flip Clock

    from £80.36

    The Flip Clock No Case from Karlsson has been designed by BOX32 Design and consists of rotating plastic cards that flip to change the time. Its ret...

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  • Wm.Widdop Walnut Wood Arched Mantel Clock


    Widdop Arched Top mantel clock with an Arabic dial, beautiful spade hands, the white face with black numbers, hour and minute markers along with bl...

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  • Wm.Widdop Arched Wooden Mantel Clock


    A elegant light wood mantel clock. Roman numeral hour markers, with classic hour and minute hands. -  Light wood clock body-  Roman numeral hour ma...

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  • Wm.Widdop Napoleon Wood Mantel Clocks

    from £31.63

    A classic & timeless design mantle, finished in a beautiful wood.-  Classis napoloen shape-  Hour markers-  Felt pad feetSpecification Dark Glo...

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  • Wm.Widdop Light Wood Lantern Style Mantel Clock


    Widdop torsion pendulum mantel clock. -  Torsion pendulum mantel clock-  Cream clock face with roman dial -  Black numbers and hands-  Rotating pe...

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  • Rhythm Silver Effect Swarovski Crystals Pendulum Oblong Case Mantel Clock


    This eye-catching mantel clock boasts four octagonal Swarovski Elements crystals which bring a dazzle of opulence to a fine timepiece and focal fea...

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  • Acctim Wyndham Colour Screen Weatherstation


    The Wyndham by Acctim is a smart looking weather station and alarm clock combined. Time, day, date, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and w...

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  • Wm.Widdop Qtz Mantel Clock WID-W2649

    from £59.50

    A wood look mantel clock featuring hour markers and detailed hour & minute hands as well as minamalist finishing detailing to the clock-  Detai...

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  • Karlsson Boxed Flip 21cm Table Clock

    from £62.91

    Smooth lines, minimal design, an element of quirk and a touch of retro chic. That's what you're getting with this Karlsson Boxed Flip Clock. Cased ...

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  • Acctim Vermont Silver Mantel Clock


    The Acctim ‘Vermont’ is a beautiful skeleton movement table clock. The clock has a silver coloured metal surround with the clock movement set into ...

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  • Impressions Silverplated Clock & Photo Frame

    from £18.44

    These clock & picture frames combinations ooze classic elegance.  Velvet backed with the option to stand on a shelf or make use of the hanging ...

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  • Acctim Bathgate Silver Mantel Clock


    The Acctim ‘Bathgate’ is a beautiful arch table clock. The clock has a brushed metal silver coloured surround with a spun metal dial and a quartz p...

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  • Karlsson Dashed Wood Veneer Table Clock

    from £21.30

    A very modern take on the classic pendulum mantel clock. The Table Clock Dashed from Karlsson, designed by Chantel Drenthe boasts simple lines and ...

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  • NeXtime Glass Marble Effect 20cm Table / Desk Clock


    The Marble clock from Nextime comprises of a glass face with a marble effect print and a metal rim.  A rear mounted stand allows the clock to be fr...

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  • Karlsson Globe Table Clock

    from £50.65

    An elegant feature for your side table or desk, the Globe Table Clock from Karlsson has a contemporary design that will blend effortlessly with bot...

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  • Wm Widdop Carriage Clock

    from £36.99

    The beautiful Widdop Carriage Clock range features classic 19th century styling and a compact shape that will look at home on any mantel piece. The...

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  • Acctim Skyler White Weather Station


    The Skyler by Acctim is a smart looking weather station and alarm clock combined. Time, day, date, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and we...

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  • Karlsson Flip Clock No Case Mini with Removeable Stand

    from £56.68

    A smaller and more versatile version of the ever-popular Flip Clock No Case by Karlsson. The trendy retro design is combined with a removable stand...

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  • Karlsson Honeycomb Pendulum Table / Mantle Clock

    from £23.03

    The Karlsson Honeycomb Pendulum clock has a fabulous contemporary design that will be an eye-catching addition to your home decor. The clean lines ...

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