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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything

Table & Mantle

Table top, mantle & shelf clocks from Aspen of Hereford, free standing feature pieces in a wide range of designs & styles. From traditional wooden finishes, modern glass finished, simple and elegant to ornate and decorative. Something to grace every home.
  • Karlsson Open Back Flip Clock

    from £82.44

    Karlsson flip clock with no case designed by box 32 will add a modern touch to any room -  Can be left free standing or wall mounted-  Coloured fra...

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  • Karlsson Book Table / Shelf Clock

    from £27.69

    Is it a book?  Is it a clock?  We are pretty certain it is a clock – but it does come well disguised.  A fantastic finishing touch to an office or ...

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  • Wm.Widdop 2 Tone Gilt Dial Carriage Clock


    A stylish gold coloured finished carriage clock. Silver coloured disc Roman numeral face with stylish hands. Quartz Movement.-  Gold coloured clock...

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  • Wm.Widdop White Dial Carriage Clock


    A gold coloured finished carriage clock. Roman numeral face with stylish hands. Quartz Movement. -  Gold coloured clock body-  Roman numeral hour m...

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  • Wm.Widdop Arched Wooden Mantel Clock


    A elegant light wood mantel clock. Roman numeral hour markers, with classic hour and minute hands. -  Light wood clock body-  Roman numeral hour ma...

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  • Wm. Widdop Napoleon Wood Mantel Clocks

    from £30.65

    A classic & timeless design mantle, finished in a beautiful wood.-  Classis napoloen shape-  Hour markers-  Felt pad feetSpecification Dark Glo...

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  • Rhythm Silver Effect Swarovski Crystals Pendulum Oblong Case Mantel Clock


    This eye-catching mantel clock boasts four octagonal Swarovski Elements crystals which bring a dazzle of opulence to a fine timepiece and focal fea...

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  • Wm.Widdop Light Wood Lantern Style Mantel Clock


    Widdop torsion pendulum mantel clock. -  Torsion pendulum mantel clock -  Cream clock face with roman dial -  Black numbers and hands -  Rotating...

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  • Karlsson Boxed Flip 21cm Table Clock

    from £65.97

    Smooth lines, minimal design, an element of quirk and a touch of retro chic. That's what you're getting with this Karlsson Boxed Flip Clock. Cased ...

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  • Acctim Gainsborough Mantel Carriage Clock

    from £41.84

    The Acctim ‘Gainsborough’ traditional carriage clock. The carriage clock never goes out of fashion, a lovely nod to nostalgia with the modern ease ...

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  • Wm.Widdop Qtz Mantel Clock

    from £48.99

    A wood look mantel clock featuring hour markers and detailed hour & minute hands as well as minamalist finishing detailing to the clock-  Detai...

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  • Karlsson Smart Wood Pendulum Table Clock

    from £50.39

    The table clock ‘Smart’ from Karlsson is a modern, minimalist design pendulum clock. A lovely accent on your mantlepiece but equally distinctive on...

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  • Wm.Widdop Walnut Wood Arched Mantel Clock


    Widdop Napoleon style mantel clock with Arabic dial -  Classic Napoleon style mantel clock -  White clock face with Arabic dial -  Black numbers ...

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  • Acctim Bathgate Silver Mantel Clock


    The Acctim ‘Bathgate’ is a beautiful arch table clock. The clock has a brushed metal silver coloured surround with a spun metal dial and a quartz p...

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  • Acctim Greyjoy Mantel Clock

    from £24.25

    The Acctim ‘Greyjoy’ mantel clock is a beautiful shaker inspired clock. The painted wood case is set off by a delicate champagne coloured bezel and...

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  • Karlsson Squared Steel Table Clock

    from £29.70

    Karlsson’s Squared table clock, is at home on a desk, mantle piece or corner table. The simplistic design and contrastign metal face make this cloc...

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  • Acctim Vermont Silver Mantel Clock


    The Acctim ‘Vermont’ is a beautiful skeleton movement table clock. The clock has a silver coloured metal surround with the clock movement set into ...

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  • Rhythm Contemporary Wood Effect Swarovski Pendulum Arched Case Mantel Clock


    This impressive, contemporary arched mantel clock boasts four octagonal Swarovski Elements crystals which bring a dazzle of opulance to a fine time...

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  • Rhythm Gold Finish Metal Chiming Carriage Clock


    A stunning classic style chiming carriage clock from Rhythm, Rhythm clocks are beautifully made elegant luxury timepieces, this beautifully finishe...

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  • William Widdop Napoleon Oak Finish Wooden Mantel Clock


    Whether you have a traditional interior design scheme or favour a more vintage chic approach then this delightful carriage style wooden clock from ...

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  • Rhythm Antique Style Wooden Chiming Mantel Clock


    A stunning antique style chiming mantel clock from Rhythm, Rhythm clocks are beautifully made elegant luxury timepieces, this mantel clock with its...

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  • Rhythm Ship Pendulum Gilt Mantel Clock


    Life on the ocean wave arrives on your mantelpiece with this marvellous maritime-inspired clock.A serious time teller, the Rhythm Ship Pendulum Gil...

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  • Hometime Cream Metal Tea Pot Clock


    Here we have a super little clock to adorn a mantelpiece which would really suit a big tea drinker! If you know someone who like's a nice cuppa the...

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  • Rhythm Arch Top Napoleon Mantel Clock with 3D Convex Glass


    Wooden arch mantle clock with gold effect clock face detailing. Ideal for any contemporary room. -  Wooden arch mantle clock -  White clock face - ...

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