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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything
Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything

Shopping Bags & Trolleys

Carry or roll your shopping in style with our wide range of shopping bags & trolleys, from compact folding bags to massive trolleys perfect for your weekly shop. There is no need to get stung by a 5p bag charge again.
  • Reisenthel Foldabletrolley Shopping Trolley

    from £23.34

    No need to drag an empty shopping trolley down to the shops anymore, 3 simple folds gets the Reisenthel foldabletrolly back into its pocket. -  Fol...

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  • Reisenthel Bottle Bag Shopping & Picnic Tote

    from £8.95

    Carry up to 9 bottles with ease with the Reisenthel Bottle Bag, perfect for wine bottles and other similar sized bottles. Ideal for a shopping trip...

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  • Reisenthel Shopping Trolley M Shopping Trolley

    from £53.64

    No need to carry your bags with the Reisenthel Trolley M, just roll between the shops with ease! The angular deisgn makes it perfect for squeezing ...

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  • Reisenthel Carrycruiser Shopping Trolley

    from £87.40

    Save 40% on a lid when purchased with a Carrycruiser - just enter "LID" at the checkout, when you have a Carrycruiser and lid in your basket.  Clic...

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  • Kipling New Shopper L Shopping Bag

    from £38.59

    Kipling's New Shopper Large shoulder bag will bring a touch of style to your shopping spree and accommodate 18 litres of goodies.With it's extendab...

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  • Reisenthel Shopper M Shopping Bag

    from £12.94

    The Reisenthel Shopper M is a sleek & stylish shopping bag. Do not let the minimalist appearance deceive you the Shopper M features plenty of f...

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  • Herschel Mica Shopping Tote Bag

    from £27.17

    The Herschel ‘Mica’ is a practical tote bag with carrying straps long enough to carry on your shoulder, a zip top ensures your contents are secure....

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  • Kipling New Hiphurray Shopping Bag

    from £18.99

    The New Hiphurray Tote by Kipling is a great grab-and-go anywhere tote. The fold down shape is easy to keep by your side for surprise shopping runs...

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  • Reisenthel Shopper XL Shopping Bag


    Not just a shopping bag – the Reisenthel Shopper XL has many uses, if you are popping down the shops or down the beach, heading to the swimming poo...

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  • Reisenthel Carrycruiser Cover


    The ‘Carrycruiser Cover’ from Reisenthel is a useful add-on to your Carrycruiser shopping trolley, the cover prevents prying eyes, the opportunist ...

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  • Kipling New Hiphurray L Fold Shopping Bag

    from £19.99

    Never get caught out again by those pesky carrier bag charges.  The New Hiphurray L Fold from Kipling folds down into a small package ideal for sta...

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  • Healthy Back Bag Multi Pouch & Shopping Bag


    The Healthy Back Pack multi pouch has a secret stowed inside, a large reusable shopping pouch!  Ideal for clipping into a larger Healthy Back Bag o...

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  • Davidts Flower Folding Shopping Bag

    from £2.58

    Are you always forgetting to take a shopping bag to the shops? Hate paying the charge to carry your goods home? Know someone who loves a quirky tim...

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  • Reisenthel Carrycruiser ISO Insultated Shopping Trolley


    The Carrycruiser ISO from Reisenthel is an insulated version of the very popular Carrycruiser.  Perfect for keeping things cool on the way home fro...

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  • Kipling Era S Tote Bag


    After that perfect shopping companion?  The Kipling Era S is for you – this shoulder tote has a surprising amount of space and features a wide rang...

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  • Reisenthel Cityshopper 2 Stars Shopping Tote Bag


    The ‘Cityshopper 2’ from Reisenthel is a well thought out practical shopping companion. This is just not your average shopper, pockets give you roo...

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