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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything


  • Acctim Kiera Silent Alarm Clock

    from £9.98

    The Acctim ‘Kiera’ is a classic alarm with a clear easy to read face, luminous tipped hour and minute hand for easy reading at night. The sweep sec...

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  • Acctim Elsie Silent Movement Alarm Clock

    from £12.57

    The Acctim ‘Elsie’ is a delightful alarm clock to use, the easy read face with luminous tipped hands and a light makes it easy to read at night. Th...

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  • Acctim Stella 43cm Wall Clock

    from £25.03

    The Acctim ‘Stella’ is a retro-style spoked wall clock with a beautiful domed glass face and an accurate quartz movement. A lovely focal point in y...

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  • Acctim Isky & Lulea Cuckoo 60cm Wall Clock

    from £99.95

    The Acctim ‘Isky & Lulea’ are a modern chalet-style cuckoo clock. The case height is balanced with a low swinging pendulum. With an impressive ...

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  • Acctim Vertex Weatherstation & Alarm Clock

    from £11.16

    The Acctim ‘Vertex’ is a weather forecasting alarm clock. The digital LCD display is easy to read with a wealth of information displayed. The clean...

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  • Acctim Sirius Black Weatherstation & Alarm Clock


    The Acctim ‘Sirus’ is the Granddaddy of weather station alarm clocks, the indoor and outdoor temperature and the projection display is only the hal...

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  • Acctim Hamburg Antique Bronze Wall Clock


    The Acctim ‘Hamburg’ is a beautiful antique finish traditional styled cuckoo clock. The hourly cuckoo chime has automatic night shut-off so the lit...

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  • Acctim Cole Alarm Clock

    from £15.77

    The Acctim ‘Cole’ is a feature-packed compact LCD alarm clock, radio controlled for accuracy and a useful calendar function and Acctim’s Superbrite...

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  • Acctim Greyjoy Mantel Clock

    from £24.74

    The Acctim ‘Greyjoy’ mantel clock is a beautiful shaker inspired clock. The painted wood case is set off by a delicate champagne coloured bezel and...

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  • Acctim Lohne 49cm Wall Clock


    The Acctim ‘Lohne’ is a stunning focal point wall clock. The spun metal hub is surrounded by metal spokes in a two-directional spiral configuration...

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  • Acctim Solna 28cm Wall Clock

    from £16.39

    Add a touch of retro with the Acctim Solna wall clock.  This 28cm wall clock is a great fit for the home or office, the retro inspired face is pair...

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  • Acctim Upsilon 25cm Wall Clock

    from £17.95

    The Acctim ‘Upsilon’ is an elegant light wood effect case wall clock. With a lovely clear easy to read face and simple elegant hands. This petit cl...

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  • Acctim Hardwick Alarm Clock

    from £12.50

    The Acctim Hardwick is a classic twin bell and hammer style analog alarm clock with an easy-to-read dial so there is no confusion in the morning! O...

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  • Acctim Koppen & Bianca Domed Glass 30cm Wall Clock

    from £23.25

    The Acctim ‘Koppen & Bianca’ wall clock with beautiful domed glass lenses and a choice of face styles. At 30cm they are a nice compact clock su...

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  • Acctim Alcester Black Mantel Clock or Wall Clock

    from £178.20

    The Acctim ‘Alcester’ wall and table clocks are beautiful German precision made mechanical regulator clocks. Both have an 8-day skeletal movement w...

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  • Acctim Sigrid Alarm Clock

    from £15.56

    The Acctim ‘Sigrid’ is a design classic traditional bell alarm clock with working bells! Brutal but effective! The clear face and domed glass lens ...

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  • Acctim Matilda White Children's Pendulum Wall Clock


    The Acctim ‘Matilda’ is a teach the time, colourful, pendulum wall clock. A fun way to learn to tell the time and children will be drawn to looking...

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  • Acctim Colton Silver Projector Alarm Clock


    The Acctim ‘Colton’ is a multi-tasking VA display LCD Alarm clock snooze function and indoor and outside temperature via the wireless sensor, it is...

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  • Acctim Pigeon Grey Wireless Charger LED Alarm with Smart Connector Grey


    The Acctim ‘Pigeon’ alarm clock is more than just an alarm clock, with smart connector and wireless charging (enabled phones only) it is your ideal...

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  • Acctim Karminski Grey Reflection Alarm Clock


    The Acctim ‘Karminski’ is a sleek alarm clock with a detailed display that will give you all the information you need to get your day started right...

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  • Acctim Wixham 25cm Wall Clock

    from £12.90

    The Acctim ‘Wixham’ retro wall clock. We love the nod to nostalgia with these bold little wall clocks, the deep painted metal case offsets a bold f...

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