Kipling Standard Monkey Names

Find the names of the Kipling Monkeys you are after.

Furry monkey's have a name, but some more premium bags & finishes have a plastic or metal monkey which are un-named.

Just look up the colour on the left and see the monkey name on the right

You can press ctrl+f on a pc, cmd+f on a mac and options in the top right and find in page on a phone or tablet to look for a certain colour or monkey name.

City Pink - Liza
Clouded Sky - Nalya
Cotton Grey - Jip
Cotton Jeans - Ille
Dazz Black - Davina
Dazz Soft Aloe - June
Dazz True Blue - Matt
Deep Emerald C - Jesse
Floral Night - Davina
Galaxy Orange - Bo
Marine Stripy - Marie
Metallic Pewter - Marie
Pink Chevron - Marie
Silver Beige - June
Tile White - Margianna
True Beige - Kristof
True Dazz Black - Tibe
True Dazz Navy - Ille