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FAQ Jewellery Box

Can you explain the various finishes on Jewellery boxes?

Jewellery Boxes come in a variety of finishes, below will explain some of the more common ones:

Leather: These boxes are made from 'Full Grain Leather' the hide is tanned but not treated in any other way, this is the best quality and as such commands a premium price.

Top Grain Leather: This is the top layer of leather with the fibrous under layer spilt off, therefore being thinner it is more malleable..

Nappa / Napa Leather: This is full grain leather, usually kid or lamb, it is tanned in a slightly different way to full grain leather and as a result is increddible soft and flexible, often found on jewellery rolls.

Split Leather: This is the fibrous layer left once the top-grain has been removed, it finishes to a leather finish, but is less expensive than full grain leather

Bonded Leather: This is partially synthetic leather. It is made up of a synthetic material usually varying types of plastic's this is then mixed with ground up leather, mechanically processed to give the appearance of leather, it looks like leather, feels like leather but costs considerable less than full grain leather.

Faux leather: This is a synthetic material finished to look like leather, often it is hard to tell they are synthetic! because it is a synthetic fabric, it is soft and malleable, which leads to a neater finish on the corners of jewellery boxes.

Piano Finish: This is a finish on wooden jewellery boxes, it is a high gloss finish 'Mirror Finish'

Burl Finish: Burl describes the grain in the wood, it gives a swirly pattern

Are the wooden jewellery boxes made from wood?

Well yes and no! most jewellery boxes are a MDF material with a veneer finish and they look good and are a fraction of the cost of say a solid Oak jewellery box, so you get the look and feel of a solid wood jewellery box without the cost.

What is an auto-tray?

This is a feature on jewellery boxes that as the lid is raised the bottom drawer automatically opens.

How do 'Stacker' Jewellery boxes work?

The stacker style jewellery boxes enable you to customize a jewellery box to your own particular needs. We sell stacker’s as pre made sets as well as individual pieces, enabling you to build your own from scratch or add to a set we have created.

Stacker jewellery boxes are made up of individual layers that you stack together in any order you wish, with either a lidded tray on the top or an open caddy style tray.

They come in many variants from deep open trays suitable for the modern more chunky jewellery, to trays specifically designed for rings, beads etc or a combination of different items.

So to build your set pick the top layer you want and then pick as many trays to go with it that you need, even doubling up if you wish, the combination is entirely up to you, if for example you have a lot of beads you may wish to have more than one bead tray so you can spread the beads out to make choosing combinations for your bracelet easier. Maybe build your jewellery box stack and keep a deep tray at the bottom for keep sakes (letters, locks of hair, worn out jewellery with a special meaning...)

What ever you choose, enjoy and of course you can always add to as you run out of space!