Karlsson Tube Wood Veneer Alarm Clock


Oh Karlsson, you're spoiling us. Here we have another wonderful wood veneer alarm clock from the world reknowned Dutch company.

They're making it incredibly difficult to decide which one to choose - here we have the 'Tube'. Long, sleek lines offer a minimalist appearance. But it's not just great looking. The mix of functions include three alarm times, date display and temperature.

Whether its for the bedside, office or mantelpiece it will definitely attract envious glances from your friends. Karlsson's Tube LED Alarm Clock, created by the company's BOX32 design team, would be the perfect choice for someone with impeccable taste.

The main display is digital and the time glows, in white, through the incredibly thin veneer. You have the option to turn on the Power Saving Mode which doesn't affect the alarm function. Handily there's a Built-in Time Memory in case of power failure too.

-  'Tube' LED alarm clock 21cm wide x 9cm tall x 5cm deep
-  Digital display appears through wood veneer
-  Time, temperature and alarm functions
-  Settings can be adjusted for power saving
-  Built-in battery keeps time running when power if off
-  Power via included USB lead and 3 AAA batteries can be used as back up incase of power cut


Height:  9cm
Width:  21cm
Depth:  5cm
Materials:  Wood veneer

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