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FAQ Healthy Back Bag


Like many of the best ideas, the Healthy Back Bag® was inspired by necessity. Margery Gaffin was recovering from back surgery and found traditionally shaped bags and rucksacks uncomfortable. She and her husband Irwin, a designer/leather craftsman since 1970, collaborated with a doctor and chiropractor to develop a one-strap bag that would be kind to the back, and the resulting Healthy Back Bag, the first of its kind to address weight-stress and health issues, was patented in the USA in 1995.

This feat of ergonomic design works hard, not just for people with back concerns but for every back, including the most healthy, to keep them that way. We all need to carry stuff, and it makes sense to use a bag with a sound medical rationale that looks good too. A two-strap rucksack, fitted and worn correctly, is acknowledged as the best way to carry weight on your back. However there is a great temptation to use only one strap – the worst thing you can do, as the weight pulls away from your body – and many people don’t like rucksacks, for aesthetic or convenience or security reasons. A Healthy Back Bag is a one-strap alternative; comfortable, safe, secure (the main zip is always against your back) but accessible without taking the bag off, whichever way you wear it.

The bag hangs asymmetrically, so weight is distributed throughout the length of the bag, and doesn’t pull from one point on the shoulder, thereby reducing stress on the shoulders, neck, and back. This makes carrying the bag more comfortable, and makes it feel significantly lighter because the more places a bag touches you as you are wearing it, the lighter it feels and the less it adversely affects your posture.

The intelligent patented design also gives you the choice to carry your bag whichever way suits you best: on either shoulder, or across the back either way, and suits left-handed and right-handed people equally well. Every Healthy Back Bag features smart and inventive details - clever interior compartments to keep you organised, key hook and branded zipper pulls, through to the non slip strap, and the signature silver lining to ensure stress-free rummaging.

Why choose a Healthy Back Bag?

"The Bag that is Designed Around You"

One strap bags can cause a variety of back related problems, Healthy Back Bags were created to help combat these “Be kind to your spine, and, of course, look fab!” These beautiful bags have been designed to distribute weight asymmetrically, so whatever your shape and size they are comfortable, with a variety of styles, colours and sizes there really is a Healthy Back Bag for everybody! 

  1. Comfort, comfortable, comfort – Enough said!

  2. Ergonomically designed - Reduces stress to neck, shoulders and back.

  3. Something for everyone – 100’s of different colours and fabrics.

  4. Versatile  - Wear it 4 ways, on either shoulder or cross body either way.

  5. The unique shape - Contours naturally to the curve of your back

  6. Organised – Multiple internal and external pockets allow for a place for everything.

  7. Spread the weight – All those clever pockets help to distribute weight around the bag

  8. Easy to keep - Water resistant and durable

  9. Machine washable – The popular Nylon range is indeed machine washable

  10. A silver lining – Reflects light and helps the rummaging!

  11. Secure - The main zip is always against your back, making it difficult for anyone to access the bag except by you.

The Healthy Back Pack Size Guide

Choosing The Right Size Healthy Back Bag®

The main rule is: Think small...

The less you carry the more comfortable the bag will feel, and stress on the body is reduced. The intelligent multi-pocketed interior means that a lot will fit even an extra-small bag. Choose the smallest sized bag for your needs and body length to get the maximum benefit from the ergonomic design.


Clips inside any of larger bags. Comes with detachable shoulder/waist strap, use across body or round the waist. Perfect for minimal essentials.

Dimensions: 20.5x11.5x9cm


The most popular size for everyday use. Holds all daily essentials, plus diary, gloves, mini umbrella. Replaces the medium to large handbag.

Dimensions: 43x23x15cm

Capacity: 7 Litres


If you normally carry quite a large, well-stocked bag, this is the one to choose. Also good for day trips and sight seeing.

Dimensions: 49x28x18cm

Capacity: 10 Litres

Big Bag / Baby Bag 

Extremely roomy. Great as an overnight bag, or carry-on luggage, also good for day-trips and expeditions. Also avalible in a baby bag variant stocked with a machine washable chaninging matt & 2 seperate zippable pouches to keep items seperate and together. The Baby Bag is the same bag but full of all the usefull things you need for baby on manouvers!

Dimensions: 54x33x21cm

Capacity: 15 Litres

Remember, the key reasons why the Healthy Back Bag® works are its body-hugging shape and lack of rigid elements in its construction, so if you try to carry, for example, an A4 book/file in a medium or large bag (which can be done at a push) some of the bag’s functionality may be lost.

How to wear a Healthy Back Bag

Wear the Healthy Back Bag over either shoulder, or cross-body, with the main zipper facing forward. The bag should contour to the natural shape of your back. The more places the bag touches you as you wear it, the lighter it feels.

Care Instructions

Leather: Top grade full grain leather, drum-dyed to ensure leather is coloured all through. Top coated for extra weather resistance - Clean fabric as needed using mild ph-balanced leather cleaner and conditioner.

Microfibre: Lightweight polyester microfibre, bonded to a nylon knit backing for durability. Teflon® treated for stain and water resistance - Do not immerse in water. Use wet wipes for spot cleaning, or sponge with non-biological detergent solution. Air dry with care, no direct heat.

Cotton Canvas: Super durable 100% cotton canvas, treated for water and stain resistance - Spot clean or machine-wash cold on gentle cycle using a mild detergent. Air dry only.

Textured Nylon: Water and stain resistant nylon pack cloth, backed with polyurethane, specially treated for a casual, textured finish. Spot clean or machine-wash separately in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Air dry only.

Tregwynt: 100% lambswool doublecloth, with full grain leather trim; naturally weather resistant,treated with Teflon® for extra durability - Clean fabric as needed with damp cloth.

Baby Bag: Water and stain resistant nylon. Plastic pouch and changing mat with nylon trim - Spot clean or machine-wash separately in cold water using a mild detergent. Do not bleach. Air dry only.

Expedition Water resistant: hardwearing 100% cotton twill with burnished leather trim - Clean fabric as needed with damp cloth and a mild detergent solution. Clean leather trim using ph-balanced leather cleaner.

All bags have a 200-denier nylon silver lining for added water resistance and stress-free rummaging. Never try to force dry the product by applying direct heat, always allow bags to AIR DRY ONLY.

Who is Margo Selby?

Margo Selby trained at Chelsea College of Art & Design followed by the Royal College of Art, where she originally designed all off her fabrics on hand looms, but as demand grew this became impractical so her designs were transferred to industrial looms where the techniques on where transferred across to duplicate her designs in greater volume. They accomplished the first 3 dimensional fabrics of industrial looms. A trademark of the Margo Selby Brand. She has won many awards over the years for her fabric designs.

Her fabrics never fail to delight, with their intricate design, tactile appeal and subtle colorways, the bags are their to be treasured.


2 Year guarantee against faulty workmanship.

(This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse including unreasonable or excessive wear, lost or stolen bags or their contents.)