Musical Ballerina Heart shaped with Auto Drawer Jewellery Box


The delightful 'Blue Fairy' Musical Ballerina heart-shaped jewellery box, with automatic drawer, is adorned with small pink roses and a beautiful ballerina tying her ballet shoe ribbons wearing a pink tutu.

There's a handy trinket drawer which opens automatically with the lid and a pretty pink surprise inside.

Open the box and you'll discover two safety mirrors, four flat-based compartments of different sizes, and a beautiful, pink-tutu-wearing ballerina, who will spin to the tune of "Over the Rainbow".

-  Heart style box is decorated in pink design with pink roses, printed diamante and a ballet dancer
-  Hinged lid
-  Automatic drawer
-  Winding mechanism for musical feature

-  Small pink ballerina twirls to the music
-  4 flat-based compartments
-  2 safety mirrors within the lid
-  Matching pink interior, ideal for storing all the small pieces children like to collect

Drawer to front (automatically opens with lid):  13cm wide (at max) x 13cm deep (at max) x 2cm high


Width:  18.5cm (at max)
Depth:  17cm (at max)
Height:  8cm
Tune:  "Over the Rainbow"
Colour:  Pink
Material:  Plastic

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