Mele & Co Elise Children's Jewellery Box

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Has your favourite little girl outgrown her toddler jewellery box? Are her sparkles and trinkets now a full blown collection? Then the Mele & Co Elise Children's Jewellery Box, in pretty pink and white, could be the most perfect choice.

She can still enjoy the romance of a twirling ballerina when she opens the lid and dance along to the tune of "Swan Lake". With three drawers, two hinged compartments for hanging necklaces and a top compartment complete with ring holders your treasure hoarder can be thoroughly organised.

Mele & Co has been making high quality jewellery boxes for more than 100 years. The American company's expertise and experience means that you can be assured of a well designed, durable product.


-  Pink and white wooden jewellery box. Dimensions: 24cm wide, 12cm deep, 25.5cm tall
-  Lidded compartment, 3 drawers and 2 winged doors
-  White, ball-shaped handles
-  Pink, anti-scratch lining

Lidded Compartment:
-  Ballerina twirls to the music - Swan Lake
-  Mirror inset into lid
-  1 compartment ideal for earrings / beads etc. Dimensions: 6cm wide x 6.5cm deep, 2cm tall
-  4 Ring rolls
-  Soft, anti-scratch lining

2 winged doors:
-  3 Necklace hooks with pocket to prevent chains becoming tangled
-  Soft, anti-scratch lining

3 drawers:
-  Undivided, ideal for a variety of pieces. Dimensions: 11cm wide, 4cm tall, 7cm deep
-  Soft, pink lined interior


-  24cm wide
-  12cm deep
-  25.5cm tall

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