Mele & Co Delyth Wooden Jewellery Box


The 'Delyth' dark wood jewellery box from the Dark Grain Collection by Mele & Co would make a handsome addition to a bedroom. The elegant dark wood exterior hides a well thought out, practical Jewellery Box. The gentle styling and dark finish would blend with a number of decorating colour schemes. This elegant box would make the perfect gift for someone special.

-  Lift up lid with inset mirror
-  Top compartment divided into four equal sections (W7.5 x D7.5 H2.5cm)
-  Four drawers comprise of:
       -  Top drawer: Open compartment (W14.5 x D13.5 x H4.5cm)
       -  Upper Middle Drawer: Open compartment (W14.5 x D13.5 x H4.5cm)
       -  Lower Middle Drawer: Ring drawer with 6 slots 14.5cm wide
       -  Bottom drawer: Extra deep drawer with no dividers (W14.5 x D1.25 x H6cm)
-  Two identical swing-out side doors:
       -  Four necklace hangers (Height from base of hanger to base ox door 25cm)
       -  Necklace keep at the base 2.5cm high
       -  Total compartment size: W13.5 x D2.5 x H28.5cm (including hangers)
-  Full ant-scratch lining


Height:  33cm
Width:  26.5cm
Depth:  16.5cm
Material: Wood
Colour: Dark wood
Box Name: Delyth

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