LEFF Amsterdam Brick 24hr Copper Clock

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The Brick from LEFF Amsterdam is a beautiful modern take on traditional time telling. It's another desirable time piece from the team of world reknowned Dutch designers.

The copper plated stainless steel case is welded and brushed by hand, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship. The black 'flips' drop to reveal the time with split white Arabic numbers. It can be displayed on a surface or hung on a wall, either way it will draw the attention of spectators.

LEFF tells us: "The Brick is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional way of displaying time. Reinvented by using a unique combination of graphics and materials, avoiding it to be subjected to a certain time period."

The LEFF Amsterdam Brick 36cm Copper and Black Clock was designed by Erwin Termaat and requires two D batteries, which are included.

A little bit about LEFF: "We founded LEFF Amsterdam in 2011. Clocks are the perfect example of functional beauty, they’re technical instruments that have the potential to be art pieces at the same time. Nobody really needs a clock – this challenges us even more to create something beautiful that everyone still wants to have."

-  36cm wide 'brick' clock
-  Suitable for wall hanging or flat surface placement
-  Copper plated steel case
-  Acrylic lens
-  Black 'face' - flips to reveal next number
-  White numbers
-  Flip movement
-  Designed by Erwin Termaat
-  5 year warranty
-  Takes two D batteries - included


Height:  15.7cm
Width:  36cm
Depth:  12.8cm
Weight:  2.85kg
Materials:  Copper plated steel
Colour:  Copper and black

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