Healthy Back Bag Textured Nylon Small Shoulder Handbag


Small handbag ideal for use as a day to day handbag with many interior pockets to keep belongings organised and safe, comes in a variety of colours.

-  Ergonomic Back Bag reduces stress on back, neck and shoulders
-  Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
-  Features a selection of exterior pockets:
       -  Zipped side pocket (25cm x 22cm)
       -  Velcro flapped side pocket (13.5cm x 22cm)
       -  Pouch front pocket (13.5cm x 9cm)
-  Selection of interior pockets
       -  Pouch pocket (14cm x 13cm)
       -  Pouch pocket (18.5cm x 20.5cm)
       -  Zipped side pocket (18.5cm x 20.5cm)
       -  Small pouch front pocket (12.5cm x 9cm)
       -  Pouch pocket (12.5cm x 9cm)
       -  Pen pocket
       -  Pouch pocket (12.5cm x 12cm)
-  Silver lining for stress free rummaging
-  D ring for keys or optional Baglett


Height:  43cm
Width:  23cm
Depth:  15cm
Material:  100% Nylon
Volume:  7 Litres

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