Colonial Candle Snow Day Glass Oil Burner with Simmer Snap Christmas Gift Set


Stylish, seasonal and scented - this Colonial Candle Glass Oil Burner with Simmer Snap Christmas Gift Set would make a superb present for a friend or family member this year. The three piece set comprises a delightful tealight burner, with mirror and sparkle snowflake design, a glass oil holder and a Colonial Candle Simmer Snap - a shaped wax package with six squares of fragranced solid oil.

Place the oil holder across the top of the tealight holder, over the warmth of the flame, and add a square of the simmer snap. Light your tealight (not provided) and you'll soon enjoy the calm flickering of the ambient light and the heavenly scent.

Colonial Candles are made with pride and craftsmanship in North Carolina in the USA. The company was started by a school teacher called Mabel Baker in 1905 and has always taken great care in its fragrance mixing and colour choice. Attention to detail is key and we think you're going to love the quality and the relaxing aroma of these fabulous scented candles.


- Gift Box
- Glass Tealight holder: Snowflake design in mirror and silver sparkle
- Mirror back dimensions: Height 11.5cm x Width 8.5cm x Depth 7.5cm at maximum
- Glass oil dish: 10.5cm diameter
- 1 Snow Day fragranced Simmer Snap
- Fragrance: A refreshing blend of eucalyptus mint and dewey greens, with floral top notes
- Simmer snap colour: Pale Blue

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