Campingaz Entertainer Range 23L Convertable Hot / Coolbag


This versatile & smart cooler from campingaz is a real style meets practicality winner, use vertically as a day trip cooler, but if you need to take something flat, no problem, lay the bag flat on its side, load it and the twin handles cleverly adapt to the bag being able to be carried on its side so transporting hot meals or cold is made simple & easy. Entertain anywhere with ease. The special liner in these convertible coolers enables food and beverages to be kept cool or if you need to keep hot food hot it will do this for you as well (But not at the same time!) 

-  Ability to keep food either hot or cold 
-  Access via Zipped top

-  Twin carry handles for ease of carrying with grip for comfort
   Carry either vertically or horizontally
-  Good performance - if used with freezer packs (Not included)
   5 to 15 degrees over 9 hours
-  Generous 23L capacity
-  Ideal for picnics, the beach, parties, delivering food to freinds or family

-  Size  30 x 40 x 20 cm

All sizes are the total external dimensions at the widest points

Manufacturers Part Number: 2000020152

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