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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything
Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything

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  • Umbra Flip Hooks Coat Rack

    from £14.49

    The ‘Flip Hook’ from Umbra is a modern wall mounted floating coat hook, this sleek, space-saving coat hook is easy to install and lovely to use, lo...

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  • Impressions By Juliana Silverplated Photo Frame

    from £5.63

    These picture frames ooze classic elegance, simple lines to show off a photograph with no distractions.  Velvet backed with the option to stand on ...

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  • Umbra Woodrow Can Bin

    from £14.34

    The Umbra Woodrow Can waste bin is a design classic by Henry Huang for Umbra, a useful 7.5 litre capacity, and built-in carrying handle giving a sl...

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  • Impressions By Juliana Silverplated Thin Bezel Photo Frame

    from £5.66

    These thin bezel silverplated picture frames ooze class.  Velvet backed with the option to stand on a shelf or make use of the hanging ring to wall...

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  • Umbra Prisma Photo Frame

    from £8.86

    The Prisma Floating Photo Frame from Umbra is a modern non-traditional way of displaying precious memories, mount on the wall, or stand on a shelf,...

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  • Acctim Kiera Silent Alarm Clock

    from £9.99

    The Acctim ‘Kiera’ is a classic alarm with a clear easy to read face, luminous tipped hour and minute hand for easy reading at night. The sweep sec...

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  • Karlsson Tinge Alarm Clock

    from £13.50

    The ‘Tinge’ Alarm Clock from Karlsson is a modern design statement by your bed by the designer Armando Breeveld, the simple lines and attention to ...

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  • Crystocraft Double Rose Swarovski Crystal Ornament

    from £13.47

    A Swarovski rose is twinned with a rose bud - both detailed with a Swarovski crystal.  A heart plaque at the bottom makes this the perfect gift for...

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  • Umbra Buddy Set of 3 Wall Hooks

    from £12.51

    A set of 3 Buddy Hooks from Umbra is a playful addition to your home or office.  Designed by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra. The iconic Umbra character ...

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  • Umbra Skinny Can 2G Bin

    from £9.00

    The Umbra Skinny Can is an iconic bin that oozes style and practicality. Designed by Karim Rashid and David Quan. The narrow footprint is ideal fro...

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  • Acctim Elsie Silent Movement Alarm Clock

    from £12.30

    The Acctim ‘Elsie’ is a delightful alarm clock to use, the easy read face with luminous tipped hands and a light makes it easy to read at night. Th...

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  • Impressions Lattice Cut Metal Photo Frame

    from £11.54

    A beautifully plated metal champagne gold coloured picture frame by Impressions with a distinctly Moroccan feel, with a delicate geometric filigree...

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  • Eastpak Doggy Bag Bum Bag / Waist Pack

    from £13.18

    A fantastically functional waist bag the Eastpak Doggy Bag bum bag is perfect for wallets, keys, phones, cameras & more. Ideal for walks, days ...

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  • Impressions By Juliana Silverplated Glitter Band Photo Frame

    from £9.63

    Beautiful silver-plated frame with glitter insert photo frame from ’Impressions by Juliana’  These elegant frames are a stunning way to display a p...

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  • Eastpak The One Shoulder Bag

    from £14.88

    Eastpak's The One Shoulder Bag is a functional yet stylish essential for a day out. The long, adjustable, canvas strap could be worn across the bod...

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  • Reisenthel Bottle Bag Shopping & Picnic Tote

    from £8.95

    Carry up to 9 bottles with ease with the Reisenthel Bottle Bag, perfect for wine bottles and other similar sized bottles. Ideal for a shopping trip...

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  • Wm.Widdop Floral Alarm Clock

    from £12.77

    A floral alarm clock with chrome effect detailing, a light & snooze function -  Luminescent hour & minute hands-  Silent sweep movement sec...

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  • Crystocraft Anniversary Swarovski Crystal Ornament

    from £8.84

    These twin heart mobiles are the perfect way to celebrate those big mile stones.  Decoracted with Swarovski crystal elements make these a truely sp...

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  • Impressions Silver Hammered Photo Frame with Gift Box

    from £8.06

    Impressions by Juliana hammered silver plate picture frame are a design classic. A simple style with subtle detail. A beautiful way to display prec...

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  • Crystocraft Celebration Rose Swarovski Crystal Ornament

    from £8.84

    A Swarovski rose is detailed with a Swarovski crystal.  A heart plaque at the bottom makes this the perfect gift for nearly any occasion. -  Rose o...

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  • Crystocraft Ornament Swarovski Crystal Ornament

    from £7.44

    The beautiful ornaments from Crystocraft are decorated with Swarovski crystal elements.  The wide range of deisgns makes for the perfect gift. -  S...

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  • Umbra Infinity Wall Mount / Free Standing Photo Frame

    from £14.49

    The ‘Infinity Floating Photo Frame’ from Umbra is a modern non-traditional way of displaying precious memories, mount on the wall or use the pedest...

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  • Reisenthel Wrapcosmetic Washbag

    from £11.73

    Let me introduce you to the Reisenthel 'Wrapcosmetic' wash bag. A wealth of organisational and practical design.  The many storage areas allow for ...

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  • Eastpak Talky Waist Bag

    from £11.96

    The Talky from Eastpak is a twin pocket bum bag / waist bag. Perfect for taking the dog for a walk, heading out for a walk or heading off to a fest...

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  • Umbra Tub Dish Rack

    from £13.03

    The Tub Dish Drying Rack, designed by Rafael Urdaneta from Umbra is a lightweight self-draining rack that is ideal for use in your sink or on your ...

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  • Umbra Magnetter Key Organiser

    from £14.58

    The ‘Magnetter’ from Umbra is a really clever key hook with no hooks! The sleek curved design which accommodates post, glasses etc in the top has a...

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  • Impressions By Juliana Silverplated Bead Edge & Insert Photo Frame

    from £8.53

    Classic bead edged silver-plated picture frame from ‘Impressions by Juliana’  Simple classic elegance that would suit any home. A beautiful way to ...

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  • Herschel Charlie RFID Card Holder

    from £14.00

    The ‘Charlie’ RFID card wallet from Herschel is a practical travel light option,  a slim profile, twin-sided card holder with an RFID layer for pea...

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  • WM. Widdop Double Real Bell Alarm Clock

    from £12.84

    If you have trouble waking up in the morning this fabulous nod to nostalgia from WM. Widdop is the answer, the hammer action hitting the two bells ...

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  • Impressions Oak Effect Wooden Photo Frame

    from £8.59

    Classic wide border oak woodgrain effect frame form ‘Impressions by Juliana’ A lovely way to display your favorite photographs. And one of these fr...

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  • Umbra Udry Pack Away Dishrack with Drying Mat

    from £10.70

    Udry Dish Drying Rack, designed by David Green & Nate Asis for Umbra. This clever design incorporates a removable microfibre drying mat that ca...

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  • iFrame Black & Gold 3D Photo Frame

    from £6.95

    These stylish frames from ‘iFrame by Impressions’ a beautiful way to display a cherished photo memory.  The deep matt black wood edge is set off by...

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  • Reisenthel Mini Maxi Rucksack

    from £7.06

    These folding back backs are from Reisenthal’s Mini Maxi range, they fold down into a small package with belt loops, that doubles as a front pocket...

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  • Impressions By Juliana Copper & White Photo Frame

    from £8.99

    A modern frame from ‘Impressions’ the Copper plated stainless-steel frame sets off a white card mount that has a copper foil border around the aper...

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  • Crystocraft Angel Swarovski Crystal Ornament

    from £8.20

    These beautiful Angel ornaments are decoracted with Swarovski crystals.  A range of messasges on the bottom make these perfect for a gift for nearl...

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  • Eastpak Bundel Large Bum Bag / Waist Pack

    from £13.34

    When you need a hands free companion to carry your essentials the Eastpak Bundel Bum Bag is ideal. Perfect for walks, music festivals and days out....

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  • Reisenthel Mini Maxi Folding Poncho

    from £12.96

    How fabulous are the ‘Mini Maxi Poncho’ from Reisenthel, brilliant rain covers that pack away neatly into the compact front pocket, a take anywhere...

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  • Umbra Conceal Shelf

    from £10.11

    Bring a little magic into your home or office with the Conceal shelf from Umbra.  A neat trick ensures the shelf is completely concealed by the bot...

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  • 24Bottles Sports Lid


    The sports lid from 24Bottles will fit on any of there urban or clima bottles. -  Pull out drinking straw-  Small 'lever' means lid can be used wit...

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  • Eastpak Buddy Small Shoulder Bag

    from £9.00

    This Eastpak small shoulder bag with gusseted pockets makes the ideal bag when you only need the essential items, it would also be ideal for dog wa...

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  • Kipling Cute Two Pocket Pencil Case / Make Up & Cosmetic Case / Wash Bag

    from £13.70

    Great all round oblong pouch from Kipling, described as a pencil case, which it does in style with two pockets for all those extra bits and bobs.  ...

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  • Herschel Fourteen Hip Packs Bum Bag

    from £10.13

    The Fourteen Hip Pack from Herschel is a single pocket practical hip pack. Enough room for daily essentials. Truly versatile - wear it three ways. ...

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  • Acctim Vertex Weatherstation & Alarm Clock

    from £11.23

    The Acctim ‘Vertex’ is a weather forecasting alarm clock. The digital LCD display is easy to read with a wealth of information displayed. The clean...

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  • Umbra Twirla Bin 9 Litres with Swing Top Lid

    from £11.94

    The Twirla bin has a stylish and modern design, with a weighted swing top lid which makes it easy to operate one handed. Just drop the trash throug...

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  • Herschel Seventeen Bumbag

    from £13.37

    The Seventeen Hip Pack from Herschel is a handy 3.5 liters, a waterproofed zipper on the front pocket is a handy addition. The uncluttered main com...

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  • Reisenthel Travelcosmetic Washbag

    from £10.64

    Reisenthel’s Travelcosmetic features their amazing Gladstone / doctors bag closure, the unique design does away the hinge making the opening smooth...

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  • Hometime Multi-Coloured Roman Dial 30cm Wall Clock


    Sometimes you need a dash of colour and this clock will definitely hit the spot. Vintage chic, with its distressed painted wood look, the colours a...

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  • Umbra Corretto 1/2" Tension Rod Matt Black Curtain Rail


    The Coretto curtain rod is a simple and sleek solution for hanging lightweight curtains, sheers or panels without the need for drilling any holes! ...

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