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Free shipping on all orders | Express delivery available on everything


Design led wall & table clocks available in a wide range of colours & styles
  • Karlsson Detailed 30cm Wall Clock


    The Detailed wall clock from Karlsson is just that a slim clock with detailed raised hour markers and elegant hands making for a stunning feature o...

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  • Karlsson Squared Steel Table Clock

    from £29.70

    Karlsson’s Squared table clock, is at home on a desk, mantle piece or corner table. The simplistic design and contrastign metal face make this cloc...

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  • Karlsson Station 39.5cm Wall Clock

    from £48.13

    This brilliant station clock from Karlsson is bound to be a focal point and add shine to any room.    -  Metal clock body-  Black number hour mark...

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  • Kalsson Marble Hexagon Silent 28.5cm Wall Clock

    from £49.99

    Karlsson hexagon marble wall clock with patterns cut in the marble, the clock features gold hands and will look at home in any modern style room -...

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  • Karlsson Sunflower Light Wood Finish 60cm Wall Clock


    Magnificent statement 60cm clock by Karllson. Styled after a sunflower, this is sure to be a real eye catcher. - Body in the shape of a sunflower- ...

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  • Karlsson Tinge Brushed Steel Alarm Clock


    The Brushed Steel Tinge Alarm Clock from Karlsson is an elegant bedside companion, a modern design by Armando Breeveld. The silent movement means y...

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  • Karlsson Petite Metal Silent 27cm Wall Clock


    The Petite Metal wall clock from Karlsson is not only compact at 27cm diameter but does not have an annoying tick due to its sweep movement, making...

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  • Karlsson Pure Basswood 40cm Silent Wall Clock


    The ‘Pure’ Medium Wall Clock from Karlsson, made from beautiful Basswood. The clean lines and easy to read face makes this a warm elegant accent fo...

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  • Karlsson Alarm XL Clock Classic Bell Silent Alarm Clock


    Karlsson’s Classic Mat Bell XL alarm clock, is the perfect stylish addition to any bedroom.  The silent movement means this clock won't keep you up...

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  • Karlsson Franky 25cm Square Wall Clock

    from £35.45

    Karlsson’s Franky wall clock comes in a range of finishes; concrete, bamboo & cork.  They are perfect for adding that industrial edge to a room...

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  • Karlsson Stout Steel 22cm Wall Clock

    from £43.98

    Karlsson’s Stout wall clock is 22cm across.  The 3d numerical hour marks and the deep metal case add a third dimension of interest to a traditional...

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  • Karlsson Station Polished Steel 50cm Wall Clock

    from £99.72

    An elegant and stylish addition to any room, this excellent clock from Karlsson is a must have. - Polished steel clock body- White clock face- Blac...

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  • Karlsson Illusion 30cm Wall Clock

    from £40.49

    You can rely on Karlsson to bring the best designs and highest quality of clock to your home. This is no exception. Beautiful sleek steel forms the...

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  • Karlsson Metal & Marble Delight Wall Clock

    from £38.72

    This elegant 30cm wall clock from Karlsson has a marble effect face with contrasting case colour match hands. The case of the clock has a split fin...

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  • Karlsson Bent Wood 35cm Wall Clock


    Pale wood and brushed steel come together to make a marvellous design statement that will be the envy of your friends. This large wall clock, from ...

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  • Karlsson Fifties 30cm Wall Clock


    With its charming pastel coloured casing and glossy appeal Karlsson's Fifties Wall Clock, available in light blue, jade green and ivory, would look...

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  • Karlsson 60cm Multiple Time Brushed Aluminium Wall Clock

    from £130.00

    From Swirl Studio for Karlsson we have a magnificent statement wall clock with the ability to show three different time zones. Ideal for families a...

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  • Karlsson Large Maxie Steel 50cm Wall Clock


    This large steel clock is bound to draw attention in any room, a classic design making it a great feature piece.    -  Steel metal clock body-  St...

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  • Karlsson Mr. White 37.5cm Wooden Cased White and Red Number Wall Clock


    These Mr. White clocks from karlsson are a true modern classic, the simple face is highlighted with a beautiful surrond - Wooden clock case- White ...

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  • Karlsson Sentient 40cm Wall Clock

    from £61.83

    The ‘Sentient’ Modern Wall Clock from Karlsson is a bold statement piece to add to your home or office. The striking angular design with narrow num...

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  • Karlsson Cathode Digital Mantel or Table Clock


    Eyecatching, and potentially mesmerizing, this nostalgic table clock would make a fabulous focal point in your home or office. Positively oozing wi...

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  • Karlsson Classic XL Bell Wood Dial Silent Alarm Clock


    Karlsson’s Classic Bell XL alarm clock, is the perfect stylish addition to any bedroom.  The silent movement means this clock won't keep you up at ...

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  • Karlsson Numbers Wood 23cm Light Wood Table Clock


    This light wood table clock from Karlsson will compliment any room, looking great on a table, shelf or mantlepiece! -  Black hands-  White Dial -  ...

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  • Karlsson Cased Index Steel 44cm Wall Clock

    from £47.99

    Large steel 44cm wall clock with a modern take on a classic station clock design, would make a striking feature in any room.-  44cm diameter clock-...

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